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D. Day land of Freedom

Many possibilities to discover World War II sites from Cherbourg. The first place to see is Sainte-Mère Eglise, the first village to be liberated by the Allied. Tourist can have a look on La Pointe du Hoc where the aerial and coastal bombings have reduced terrain to a lunar landscape that worth seing. Other site very important in this topic is Omaha Beach, called too Omaha the bloody because 1000 American soldiers sacrified their lives and 2000 were injured. Alongside the coast, there are many museums dedicated to the 2nd world war with different themes and several vast cemeteries.
An application to have the D-Day Beaches listed as a Unesco World Heritage site is currently being processed.
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Dominating the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the abbey boasts several marvels of medieval architecture. All the rooms related to monastic life are stacked above one another around the top of the rock. Founded according to legend, after the appearanc of the archangel Saint-Michael, the monastery grew from the 10th to the 15th century on several floors around the abbey church. The spire of the abbey stands between sky and sea, crowned with the statue of the archangel. On the Unesco World Heritage list.
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The Norman Conquest

The Bayeux tapestry is an embroidery, 70 metres long, made in the 11th century. It is listed as a "Memory of the World" by Unesco. Celebrating the conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy, this linen canvas was embroidered after the Battle of Hastings on October 1066, probably in a monastery in the South of England. Vikings ships, Norman and Saxon Cavalries illustrate the exploits of William and his opponent Harold, another pretender to the throne of England.
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Parks and Castles

Cherbourg has got many parks and gardens in a town centre, the best one is Emmanuel Lias Park
This garden boasts a large collection of exotic plants in greenhouses. From 5kms, there is Ravalet's castle and park. This is a Renaissance style castle surrounded by a 7 acres park, with ponds and ouststanding trees. 捕鱼电玩 25 kms from Cherbourg, in Vauville, there is a garden considered to be the jewel of Cotentin that is classified as "Jardin Remarquable". This park includes 1,000 species from the Southern hemisphere.
Situated in a picturesque little valley, overlooking the sea, the park of Nacqueville Castle is famous for its Rhododendrons and Azaleas. This estate was considered by the french phylosophe Alexis de Tocqueville as 'One of the most beautiful place in the world'...

Taste of Normandy

Coming to Cherbourg can be the opportunity to discover local products by visiting cider museum, cider manufacture, and famous factories o f捕鱼电玩-made biscuits. You will probably enjoy tasting these delights.

Saire Valley

A few miles away from East of Cherbourg, located in a charming fishing village, you could discover magnificient Vauban towers remaining from the terrible battles between the French and the Royal Navy. Close to Saint-Vaast La Hougue, the Tatihou island allows the visitor to see the Norman coast through its maritime museum, its ornithological observatory, its shipbuilding workshop and its maritime garden. A step in Barfleur, classified among the most beautiful villages of France worths the visit.

Cap de la Hague

The peninsula of La Hague is a wild landscape of granite cliffs, dunes, beaches... Wild goats graze on the cliffs of Jobourg, sea birds live in the ornithological park or in the nature reserve of Vauville. Many typical Norman villages and a very nice point of view at Biville where you could discover sandhills.

Sports and leisure

Normandy is THE golfer’s paradise! It provides many wonderful greens and has grown as a top European golfing destination. Cherbourg peninsula is popular for golfers with its premium 9 holes golf course, situated in the village of La Verrerie, overlooking the town of Cherbourg and the largest artificial breakwaters of the world. The site is wooden and stunning, with wild rhododendrons and many different species of trees.

Cherbourg and its area is the perfect destination for hikers. There are many possibilities to discover the seaside and the Norman landscapes by feet.  The GR223, better known as “Sentier des Douaniers” or “Coastal Path”, is a 430 kilometers foot path, linking Carentan to the Mont Saint Michel. The West coast of the peninsula, La Hague, is frequented by thousands of hikers and nature lovers. It offers a breathtaking walk along the wild littoral, made either of granite cliffs, dunes, or long sandy beaches.

Art and Culture

Cherbourg and its area offers many way to access local art and cultural spots. Normandy is the cradle of impressionism movement. The painter Jean François Millet produced several works which depicted the local church or scenes of peasant working on the fields.

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